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Rajwada(Holkar Palace)

Rajwada is the historical palace of the Holkars. It was built about two centuries ago and is located near the Chhatris in the main square. It is a seven storied structure, which serves as the living example of the grandeur of the Holkars. Rajwada stands in the centre of the city. The new palace is on the northern side, while the old palace stands in the old part of the town. The old palace is a multi-storied building which also serves as a gateway of the Rajwada. It stands amongst the crowded streets of the Kajuri Bazar and faces the main square of the city.


Kanch Mandir

Kanch Mandir(Glass temple) is actually a Jain Temple located at Indore. Indore abounds in numerous temples and heritage sires. One of them is the Kanch Mandir. This temple is one of the prime attractions at Indore at present.


LalBagh Palace

The Lalbagh Palace is among the prime Indore tourist attractions and one of the wonderful monuments of the city. The magnificent palace was built by the Holkar Kings in three different periods.
Lal Bagh Palace is a living monument, which gives a clear picture about the life style of the Holkans. Adorned with beautiful gardens and good quality architecture Lalbagh Palace is a magnificient memento of a rich heritage.

Chhatri Bagh

Chhatris or the Cenotaphs are the tombs that have been constructed in commemoration of the Holkar Kings. The tombs have been constructed by them at the banks of the River Khan, near Rajwada. There is also a place called Chhatri Baag. Here two compounds are there. In memory of Bolia Sahib, there is a splendid Chhatri that was constructed after his demise near this Chhatri Baag.