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Madhya Pradesh , state central India, between the Deccan and the Ganges plain. The capital is Bhopal . One of the largest states in India, Madhya Pradesh consists, from north to south, of upland zones separated by plains. Adequate rainfall and plentiful good soil permit a prosperous, predominantly agricultural economy. Grains, especially wheat, are the main crops of the north. The abundant cotton of the southwest (especially Berar) makes this state second only to Gujarat in cotton production. Spinning and weaving are the chief industries; there is a huge steel mill at Bhilainagar and chemical and electrical industries at Bhopal.
The state has 48 districts, which are grouped into 8 divisions. These are Bhopal, Chambal, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur, Rewa, Sagar and Ujjain.

Latitudinal Location: 23.30 N
Longitudinal Location: 80.00 E
Area: 308,144 square kilometer
Principal language Spoken: Hindi
Climate: The climate is monsoonal, with much of the rain falling from June to October at averages 60 inches or more, dropping to 40 inches or less in the west and less than 30 inches in the Chambal River valley to the north. The March-to-May season is hot and dry, and temperatures everywhere are higher than 29 C. Winters are usually pleasant and dry. Best time to visit: September to February.
Best Seasons :- The best time to visit Madhya Pradesh is during the relatively cool winter months between November and February. In the hot season (April, May and June), the region heats up like a furnace, and daytime temperatures frequently exceed 40C. If you can stand the heat, this is the best time to catch glimpses of tigers in the parks. The rains finally sweep in from the southeast in late June or early July.

Boundaries touching different states :-
East : Orissa and Bhira.
West : Rajisthan and Gujrat.
North : Uttar Pardesh.
South : Maharastra and Andhra Pardesh.

How to reach
Air: Madhya Pradesh has a number of airports. Gwalior, Khajuraho, Indore, Jabalpur and Bhopal are major airports of the state.
By Rail: Bhopal is the main railway station of Gujarat. It operates many trains connecting it to the rest of India.
By Road: A well - planned network of National Highways and State Highways link the cities of Madhya Pradesh to the other Indian cities.