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Raj Mahal

The Raj Mahal, Orchha is among the most visited Palaces in Orchha. Every year, thousands of visitors from various parts of the world pay a visit to this majestic palace.This Mahal is situated to the right of the quadrangle; the palace was built in the 17th century by Madhukar Shah, the deeply religious predecessor of Bir Singh Ju Deo. The plain exteriors, crowned by chhatris, give way to interiors with exquisite murals, boldly colourful on a variety of religious themes.

Chaturbhuj Temple

Constructed between the years 1558 and 1573 by Raja Madhukar, the Chaturbhuj Temple is a bold concept and as enormous as any European cathedral.
There is a fine collection of religious symbols that adorn the outer walls of the Chaturbhuj temple. The interiors of the Chaturbhuj temple in Orchha are bleak compared to the fine display on the outer walls of the temple. The Chaturbhuj temple has a criss crossed congregation hall for the devotees while thee are spires that are built on top of the sanctuary of the Chaturbhuj temple. The temple has a striking resemblance to the Kushak Mahal in Chanderi. One unique feature, unlike all other Hindu temples is the abundance of light and space inside the temple premises.

Laxminarayan Temple

This beautiful temple was built in 1622 by Vir Singh Deo. The condition of the temple soon worsened due to inadequate maintenance. It was reconstructed by Prithvi Singh during 1793. Built using lime mortar and bricks, the architecture of temple exceptional blend of temple and fort architecture.
There are frescos and paintings within the walls of the temple that are a blend of Mughul and Bundel forms of art. These frescos illustrate certain social and secular themes. The vivacious colors of the frescos are still retained. Within the Laxminarayan temple, the carvings are displayed in a geometrical pattern and there are scenes from the life of Lord Krishna, adorned with flowers and animals.

Dinman Hardaul's Palace

Dinman Hardaul's Palace of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh speaks volumes about the respect and love between brothers. An architectural marvel of the ancient times, the Dinman Hardaul's Palace bears relics to the rich religious history and cultural ancestry of the place during the ancient times.
Dinman Hardaul's Palace attracts several tourists and devotees from far and wide who are absolutely awed by the grandeur of the rich architectural building.

Rai Praveen Mahal

This palace was built in honor of the 'Nightingale of Orchha', Rai Praveen. As per the legend when she had been to Emperor Akbar's court, she was lured by him to stay back in his court by denouncing her King of Orchha. A two storied brick structure, positioned in the midst of a landscaped garden, Rai Praveen Mahal is so designed that it should suit to its magnificient surroundings. The natural flow of light is surged through the superbly carved niches. The octagonal shaped beautiful Mughal garden and its pretty flowerbeds make the brick palace more gorgeous.

Phool Bagh

The Phool Bagh of Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is a beautiful garden of the royal rulers of the Bundelkhand dynasty that reflects their rich aesthetic sense and natural splendor of the place during the ancient times. Surrounded by colorful and attractive flower beds, Phool Bagh was the summer palace of the imperial rulers of Orchha during the traditional times.
The Phool Bagh were built as a memorial for Dinman Hardaul, the prince of Orchha, who died a martyr, to prove his innocence to his big brother.

Ram Raja Temple

The beautiful and magnificent Ram Raja Temple was originally the queen's palace of the Bundela King Madhukar Shah.This temple was originally a palace that got converted into a temple as the idol of Lord Ram that was temporarily installed there resisted a shift. Thus, a wall was constructed all around the temple and it came to be known as Ram Raja temple. The splendour of the palace and temple, tiled in milky white marble and exquisite carvings is perfect.


Sunder Mahal

The Sunder Mahal is a beautiful palace in Orchha, that is now a significant pilgrimage for the Muslims. Though Orchha is now almost a ghost city, but the imprints of irs glorious and rich past is still retained in the ruins of the palaces and temples in Orchha.
This small palace, almost in unins today, is still a place of pilgrimage for muslims. Dhurjhan, son of jhujhar embraced Islam when he used a Muslim girl at Delhi.